Law Firm

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Medical Services Company Aquisition/Contracts and Procedures/ Pharmaceuticals Chains/ Import Contracts/ Claw Back Legislation/ Marketing Campaigns / Disputes


Competition Compliance /
Merger and Antitrust Clearances
/ Competition Investigation


Double taxation treaties/ Authorities Tax Control/Corporate Tax / International

Finance Tax Issues / Tax Regulatory Services

Our integrated expertise covers an extensive range of legal matters and it is dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients needs.

Practice Areas


Commercial and Civil Litigation / Insurance/ Competition /Criminal Litigation / Employment
/ Family Law Disputes / / Taxation

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Insurance and Pension Funds

 Insurance Company Establishment/
Insurance Company Acquisitions / Regulatory /Advising on the Impact of New Legislation/ Professional Associations/Private Pensions

Pillar II and III

Corporate and Commercial

Corporate Establishment and
Restructuring / Corporate
Governance / Corporate Disputes /
Corporate Contracts / Day-to-Day
Operations/Due diligence